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ZearingNET fuses tasteful design with leading-edge technology to create breakthrough web sites for our clients. Our sites not only look good, they actually perform -- improving relationships with your customers, attracting new customers, saving you money by reducing costs, even making you money! A web site is not simply another piece of equipment, its an extension of your business. First impressions are everything -- let ZearingNET Communications help you put your best foot foreword.


Imagine being able to have your business open 24 hours a day, open to hundreds of countries, in countless time zones -- that's the power e-commerce gives your business. Whether you have 20 items to sell, or 2000, or more, ZearingNET Communications can get your virtual storefront open fast, and put in front of literally millions of potential customers, credit card in hand.

Web Hosting

Once your web site has been constructed, it needs to be placed on a web server so it is accessible to the world! From small business to full-blown e-commerce, ZearingNET has a hosting package to meet your needs. This isn't no two-bit program, your site is placed on a rock-solid Windows 2000 server, connected to the internet via redundant T-1 connections.


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